Moving in from eating out, let’s shift gears and concentrate a bit more on entertaining a crowd at home.

For many, the thought of learning to cook is dampened by the thought of purchasing the “necessary” kitchen tools.

Unless you’re planning on becoming a true gourmand, however, it probably isn’t a requirement that you own an asparagus peeler.

For my last birthday I received a Magic Bullet from my parents. For this post I decided to test whether or not the appliance lives up to its claim of negating the need to buy separate blenders, food processors, etc.

As part of this experiment, I made salsa and smoothies for around eight friends; even accounting for a degree of what I’m assuming was user error, I’d say my results were mixed.

Magic Bullet – Seven-Second Salsa

What is not mentioned in the Magic Bullet 10-Second Recipes pamphlet is that the perfectly blended salsa made on the Bullet’s popular infomercial is achieved through the pre-dicing of its ingredients.  In my case, the large pieces of tomato ended up getting stuck to the blade and being pulsed into a not-so-appealing liquid form.

The result? A bubbly, light-pink mixture with the consistency of — let’s face it — vomit.

Luckily, my roommates were brave enough to try a bit and said it tasted good enough overall.

The Magic Bullet’s drink blending abilities, on the other hand, are far superior.

Magic Bullet – Smoothies

Blend time would obvious increase if real fruit pieces were added to the mix, but using concentrate only, each drink took around 30 seconds, ice included!

Perhaps the biggest advantage to the Magic Bullet is ability to cut down clean-up time considerably. Aside from a knife, a cutting board and mugs, the Magic Bullet was the only other tool used for preparation, and its plastic parts are dishwasher-safe — a definite plus.

Also, aside from the Bullet’s initial cost, which runs around $55, the ingredients for both recipes easily served eight for under $20, making this scenario realistic for “starving” college students.

All in all, as with most “as-seen-on-TV,” the Magic Bullet’s results aren’t as pretty as advertised. However, as it is easy to use and maintain, the product is a practical purchase for those looking for simplicity in their kitchen tools.


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