El Primo, not so prime?

Alright, well, because of an unfortunate and extremely ill-timed camera malfunction, our exploration of McMinnville’s happy hour menus has been accelerated.

Let’s continue our journey, stopping at a place for those looking to spice up their lives.

El Primo

Probably the closest available happy hour menu for Linfield students, you could throw a rock from Linfield’s main, Oak Grove entrance and hit El Primo’s front door. Besides its convenience, El Primo also offers some of the cheapest food to boot.

Aside from its drink menu (which runs strong, by the way), the Mexican restaurant offers a variety of dishes to share; flautas, taquitos (see below), mini quesadillas or the fiesta Mexicana  — a sampling of all of the above — all for under $5 each. Moreover, one dish is more than enough for two people, making it even more budget friendly.

Photo via: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_AB3sA1n5jeM/SVasrxuh6CI/AAAAAAAABfk/NBNdrGG2_ZQ/s400/Taquitos.jpg

However, those looking for a nutritious meal should proceed with caution.

As with most Mexican fare, most all of El Primo’s menu items have been fried and are a consistently golden brown hue — the only color on the plate comes from the pico de gallo and guacamole that is served up on the side of each dish.  With these options, it becomes difficult to satisfy the type of dietary balancing prescribed by the food pyramid — and common sense.

Another negative to El Primo’s happy hour selections is the atmosphere in which it is offered. While the main restaurant contains plenty of seating, the happy hour menu is only available in its bar area — a much smaller space that is off-limits to minors and so dark you can hardly see your food. This makes it difficult to seat more than four per party.

El Primo no doubt has some of the cheapest happy hour food around, but it is by no means the healthiest; for those who are truly committed to eating right, spend more and order off the main menu to throw some vegetables into the mix.

Otherwise, at-home Mexican food is a better, more cost effective option.


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