Brew food.

For our third stop, let’s hit another 3rd street hot spot:

Golden Valley Brewery

Capping off 3rd Street’s culinary attractions at the corner of 4th and Johnson, Golden Valley Brewery draws attention for its array of in-house drafts — 10, to be exact — and high quality food.

Golden Valley’s sampler draws some of the restaurant’s biggest numbers

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Offering a wider variety than Hotel Oregon, its full-price menu items range from pasta to fish to burgers.  Unfortunately, its happy hour selections are slightly more limited and are only available….

GVB offers standard bar food items such as chips and salsa, fries — both regular and Cajun — for a dollar a plate and burgers for under $5. However, this burger, the largest item on the menu, is not available on Fridays, presumably because of demand.

There are also some welcome, healthier surprises; its side salad and spinach dip with pita are guilt-free selections ranging from $1 to $3 that satisfy the taste buds as well.

This menu also comes with a word of caution — small portions on these items make it difficult to substitute happy hour items for a full meal and may make it tempting to resort to fatty, fried options that are inevitably more filling.

Like McMenamin’s, GVB’s menu is made more appealing in that it’s available to everyone in the restaurant regardless of age. The Brewery’s open floor plan, long tables and outdoor seating are prefect for groups; there’s even a pair of adjoining party rooms that can be reserved for no extra cost.  Moreover, its staff is also graciously accommodating of large groups of college students and their requests for separate checks.

Although its happy hour food is vastly overshadowed by its drink selection, GVB is earns points for its seating and its service and is a must for all ages.


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