For most, caffeine addictions come standard with a college education. As if Starbucks needed any more help with marketing, long papers and late nights make those glowing green signs equivalent to a student’s siren song.

Aside from their inevitably convenient locations, however, Starbucks has also made the shrewd business decision to charge more for a cup of drip coffee than a tank of gas. What’s more, students fill their cups more than they do their tanks. Even local coffee shops are guilty of overpricing their goods.

This post is an ode to at-home remedies for caffeine-induced cash deficiencies.

Here’s an example, courtesy of fellow blogger Chelsea.

Of course, it’s all about what you buy; some caffeinated products stretch your dollar more than others. Price, however, should not be the only consideration. They say everything is fine in moderation, but for many “moderation” and “caffeine” are mutually exclusive terms.

Even if you have ample financial resources, coffee can come with other costs to personal health and mental processes.
• Because its effects are immediate, coffee can cause feelings of anxiety, “jitters,” when consumed.
• Coffee can stain teeth and make them brittle.
• Coffee is associated with high cholesterol levels.

Instead, let’s make a case for tea:
• Tea contains antioxidants that aid with kidney functions
• Instead of merely suppressing appetite like coffee, tea increases metabolism
• Tea has been shown to lower blood pressure

Plus, it’s cheaper.

Even if tea doesn’t meet your muster, the next time you find yourself craving a vente latte, head to your kitchen, not the car. It’ll be faster and just as satisfying in the end!


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