Going Green.


For most, a mention of this word brings to mind earth-loving PETA activists on an ethical crusade.

And, while avoiding food with a face is a noble cause, many vegetarians go meatless for more down-to-earth reasons as well. Some may not like the taste of meat; some may have realized what Spam actually is; and some have come to the conclusion that not buying meat simply costs less.

It’s this budgeting advantage that’s led me to this topic and, as a result, this blog will be devoted to the prospect of going vegetarian — especially for already “starving” college students.

Obviously, the decision has its advantages and disadvantages.

Aside from the reasons already listed, all-veggie diets:
• Cut out major sources of cholesterol and saturated fat
• Are easier on your digestive system
• Give you better hair and skin!

However, vegetarianism can lead to challenges, even outside the kitchen:
• It may be difficult to eat out at restaurants
• Animal byproducts are used in some not-so-obvious places (i.e., refried beans)
• Maintaining a balanced diet can be difficult for students with meal plans.

For example, for Sarah, being vegetarian and a college student has been a process of trial and error.

As she explained, it’s all about self-discipline and planning, and not replacing high-protein meats with empty calories from carbohydrates, which is often a highly affordable, highly tempting alternative.

Here’s a typical meal for Sarah, and some tips:

Vegetarian Meal

Vegetarianism is, of course, a personal choice; the bottom line, however, is that it is possible to be a college student and maintain a healthy, vegetarian diet as well.


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    neurotype said,

    A number of my friends went vegetarian in college because it was so much cheaper and faster. A lot of it depends on location: urban areas tend to have lots more alternative options.

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